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This exceptional Pinot Noir from Domaine Benjamin Leroux is characterized by its profound mineral notes and a medium to full-bodied profile. The wine captivates with a rich and generous finish that lingers on the palate.

Renowned winemaker Benjamin Leroux, while crafting the celebrated Clos des Epeneaux, had always held a special place for Les Rugiens as a premier cru that could tempt him back to Pommard. In 2017, Leroux's return to this hallowed terroir became a reality, thanks to a long-term contract with the same owner as Volnay Caillerets.

Les Rugiens boasts iron-rich red clay soils, reminiscent of Leroux's earlier work at Comte Armand. This 1er Cru encompasses 0.6 hectares, spanning three small parcels, home to 25-90-year-old vines. Positioned at the base of Les Rugiens-Hauts, a section revered by connoisseurs, including Leroux, as the source of Pommard's most illustrious wines.

In the winemaking process, only the youngest grapes underwent de-stemming, ensuring that half the fruit remained as whole berries. The result is what Leroux affectionately calls "the kind of Pommard I love."

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