Le Vignoble Du Reveur

All his life, my grandfather fought for his independence, the true definition of liberty! Working his vines today is my way of paying homage to his fight and idealistic dreams; I intend to continue his battle. It’s time to take back the right to dream, to construct a future without limits, to reinvent wine and its definition, to break the rules and move walls! It’s time to open our eyes wide and see that anything is possible!

Organic and Biodynamic Methods

Nature is the ultimate guide when it comes my viticultural practices.

I immediately began reconverting the vineyards back to organic and biodynamic agriculture with each new parcel. After all, this was the only viticultural mode throughout most of history! Because I have taken back my family’s holdings little by little, some of the wines are already certified organic while others are still officially in conversion.

Looking to the future

Re-discover imagination in wine-making!

The Dreamer is only half-asleep, the dream is only just beginning; there are so many things still to try, to rediscover. One project for the coming years: find a fine-tuned process for skin maceration for our white wines, “Singulier” is just a first draft! The ideal being to eliminate the use sulfur for these naturally-structured wines.