Wines from Alsace, France

Wines from Alsace, France

Jan 18, 2021Michael Lee

Alsace is a narrow wine valley that runs from north to south and shares the border with Germany. The area endures cold winters and enjoys warm, dry summers. The area has one of the lowest average rainfalls in France.

Vineyard are cultivated at altitudes between 175m to 550m above sea level, resulting in a rich diversity of micro-climates in the wine region. The region has 13 distinct types of soil, from fertile alluvial soils to thin topsoil sprawled atop volcanic soils, granite, sandstone, and schist.

The gentle slopes along the riverbeds are much richer mixes of clay, marl, limestone, and sandstone.

Le Vignoble du Rêveur

Le Vignoble Du Reveur Philippines

Mathieu Deiss

Mathieu Deiss, the son of Jean-Michel from Domaine Marcel Deiss, created his own project called Le Vignoble du Rêveur, when translated means "The Vineyard of the Dreamer".

"All his life, my grandfather fought for his independence, the true definition of liberty! Working his vines today is my way of paying homage to his fight and idealistic dreams; I intend to continue his battle. It’s time to take back the right to dream, to construct a future without limits, to reinvent wine and its definition, to break the rules and move walls! It’s time to open our eyes wide and see that anything is possible!"


Domaine Marcel Deiss

Domaine Marcel Deiss is in Bergheim, beside Ribeauvillé, in the heart of the Grand Cru area. The estate has long favored qualitative production rather than merely cloning grape varieties. It derives its originality from biodynamic viticulture, producing low-yield wines obtained by returning to the old Alsatian wine-growing tradition of the Complantation, the art of bringing together in the vineyard plot the grape varieties adapted to the terroir. As a result, Marcel Deiss wines, especially the Rieslings, are amazingly faithful in expressing the personality of each terroir.

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