Burgundy, a region or a color

Burgundy, a region or a color

May 10, 2021Michael Lee

While a lot of wine afficionados will relate “Burgundy” to a French Wine, a majority of the people would relate it to a color – a shade of red that evokes opulence and richness. The wines coincidentally, evoke the same feeling to those who love them.

One cannot talk Burgundy without talking about Pinot Noir, the grape responsible for the luxurious wines of this French Region. The grape is known to be fickle, temperamental, and hard to grow but growers still choose to work with this as it can produce some of the world’s best wines. Pinot Noir is generally known for it’s soft tannins and red fruit flavors but it is in Burgundy where it can showcase it’s complexity in age-worthy wines where it starts showing savory and perfumed aromas as it ages.

A common belief is that Burgundy is the last to be appreciated by wine lovers but that may be a misconception as these wines are a welcome addition to both beginners and afficionados. The softer tannins and versatility of the wine are approachable for those who are just beginning in wine appreciation while the complexity and the structure of the wine are appreciated by those more experienced.

The complications of how plots of land are split in Burgundy has made it harder to define the quality of each specific Region in Burgundy which is why the producer or winemaker of the bottle is now just as important and reliable as a measure of quality in Burgundy just as the region and the Apellation is.


Come on and let us take a journey to Burgundy. 

Image by: www.visitfrenchwine.com

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